The aim of this lesson is to teach:

– to keep the enemy at bay and defeated;
– to keep the enemy unarmed and on his tracks;
– conquer territory and destroy things against us and the Church;

Many believers live as if nothing is going to happen and as if the devil doesn’t exist or doesn’t attack;

We need to change our strategy – stop defending and start counterattacking.


When we know who we are, everything changes.

Just as the devil attacked Jesus, he will attack us, because we are like Jesus – we have the same goals, the same purpose.

The devil’s factories today are:

-Primary schools: children learn to be against God;
-Universities: young people learn to be against God
-TV stations: they spread wrong doctrines;

The Church must influence for God! The solution is to evangelize and invade the devil’s factories:

-Schools and Universities: transform the devil’s soldiers into God’s soldiers = disciples;

-Business Centers: transform companies that invest in Babylon / the world, into companies that invest in churches, mission campuses, etc;

-Media: transform radio and TV stations that spread the ways of the devil into stations that speak the gospel and the ways of God.


In order to punish the devil we have to know:

– who we are in Christ;
– that we have been freed from Satan’s powers;
– that we have authority;

To have victory in the Christian life, the believer must know:

– who God is;
– who his enemy is;

With Christ, we are

– new creatures – II Corinthians 5:17
– Children of God – John 1:12
-Saints – Ephesians 1:4
-Kings and priests – Revelation 1:5