"Every day I sleep with the church online and yesterday I woke up in the wee hours of the morning while the Apostle was speaking "the fact that we are believers does not mean we can be there sinning anyway". I was someone who was very fond of women and got involved with them and was sorry but would make the same mistake again with others. Then yesterday in one of those meetings the apostle touched on something that I felt was for me and it said this: "God does not forgive those who commit sin knowing that they are sinning" so that got into my heart and I am very repentant indeed, it is not easy but I know I will make it. Thank you"
"In the morning I hardly have time to do the pdc. But this morning I woke up with a different attitude and decided to have more communion with God. I confessed the word mainly in the air of God's love and protection, because where I work, I was suffering persecution, through a colleague. That same afternoon, she tried to assault me with false accusations, and at the same moment she looked at me and literally shook her head, and ended up leaving. I immediately thought: that was the demon manifesting. The demons could not stand the presence of God."
"In college my professor told me that he was worried because one of his employees was wrongly accused and that the next morning he would be tried, and he was also worried about the visa he did not receive, I told him about God and prayed with him. The next day he called me happy because the trial did not happen and the employee was released because the accusers did not show up so they lost the case, and he received the call from the embassy saying that he already had the visa. To the honor of our God in less than 24 hours God solved the 2 problems."
"He made a prayer request yesterday for his brother, as he had to take a driving test in England. Today he sent a message to thank you because his brother passed the exam. Glory to God Hallelujah."
"I want to thank you because since you opened these new programs I have been sleeping like a real queen and my husband also sleeps very well. We are well connected to the vine."
"He has been attending the program daily. Her son was having problems, with anxiety attacks, vomiting, etc... But she went to read Psalms 91 and prayed and used the Authority that is in the name of Jesus and her son got better."
"She had been fighting her thoughts for weeks, as if they were entering her mind without permission. While the apostle was praying, he put one hand on the monitor and the other on his head. When the program ended, he felt something wonderful, a warmth he hadn't felt in a while and a tingling in his head. He immediately felt a sense of well-being, and the whirlwind of thoughts disappeared."
"I want to thank you that my partner and I are accompanied by a Pastor. The blessing is really the food. Because we received the Pastor, and he brought us help in food and 2 wonderful books. My partner every day wakes up early and reads without stopping and at bedtime he also reads out loud and feels difference that like me is deliverance and spiritual anointing. Thank you Pastor for your blessed presence in our home."
Paula e Eduardao
"He asked for help to get closer to God because he is involved with drugs and has problems with alcohol. He is being accompanied and is very happy with the Apostle's program, he has been watching the program every day and since then he has not consumed drugs or alcohol anymore. Yesterday he received a job offer. Today he has already told the co-pastor that when the church opens, he will be there to praise God for what He has done in his life."
"Two years ago, me and two girls on the beach, we were drowning and I shouted the name of Jesus and suddenly it was like a hand that pushed up."
"He asked for prayer for the release of documents. And after a week he received his son's passport and birth certificate."
"It is raining a lot in Madeira and the sister prayed not to lose the TV signal, it happened that she is not getting any signal, she can only see the Kuriakos channel. She really appreciates the program"
"She always had the dream of being able to attend the Faith Convention every day, but she never could. So he set it as a target and at last year's convention God gave him all the conditions so that he could attend convention from start to finish. Today he serves God on time and off time."
"I was pregnant and needed to travel to Zambia due to work. The pandemic was starting, which led to the airports closing and preventing her from returning to Portugal. She did not accept the situation and started to declare what she wanted to pick. A single flight came up, with a stopover in Germany. She bought an economy class ticket but was eventually upgraded to first class. She is grateful and praises God for the victory."
"I had situations regarding finances and documents tied up. I thought if God is my source then I will always live by his methods and practice. I then decided to make a promise of faith committing myself to God by increasing the amount of my tithe. The following week I had my documents cleared and all my finances as well. God is faithful, he does not fail and his word does not return void. It pays to live the way God says."
"In March 2020 I was persecuted at work, and with a disciplinary process, with many false accusations to get me fired. I was in a furnace of burning fire, I had no other solution than the Word of God and the teachings of the Apostle, in this case the CD Attitudes, and I overcame the devil. I am still in the business to this day. A good morning with Jesus, everything is a piece of cake".
"Hello manna family I come to thank God because my son is being delivered, he already likes to read the Bible before bed, he is no longer going out with his friends.... Every day I watch the program and I am also being blessed and delivered."
"At the gf we prayed and agreed in the group that my daughter's national exam would go well. On the day of the exam she cried because it had gone so badly for her. I kept thanking God for her grade, and glory God, the grades came out and she passed. I send this message to exhort our God who is more than mighty. All honor and glory to Him. Amen"
"She asked for prayer for her documents and already has them in hand. She decided to give her testimony in gratitude to God and to tell those who are having this problem, Trust in God. He will solve it."
"Inside my house there was no peace one day I asked the pastor to consecrate my house for a family group from that day on I started to feel more peace from the moment the family group opened I feel enormous joy inside my house with my husband my son was away from me and my house now he started to come and even came to church. God is very good."
"I was working, while listening to the songs of our church. Suddenly I was approached by a man (surgeon doctor), who came from far to visit our neighbor who is a dentist. He told me that he came to take advice from the dentist about a complicated operation. He was very worried because if the operation does not work, the girl could have very serious consequences. While he was counseling, he heard the songs I was listening to and came to talk to me and told me that when he heard the music, he felt a strength. He said he couldn't leave without having those songs so he could listen to them. I passed him the songs and also gave him the page of our church and the church online. Before she left, she gave me some money to give to the singer but we know that those finances belong to the Lord. What I want to say is that God has no limits and He always finds a way to speak to people. He brought this gentleman from very far and revealed Himself to him through the anointing of our songs, which he heard "by chance"."
"He walked in paths of witchcraft, tarot, he walked in terreiros of candomblê, and battle after battle he came to Portugal, and in his search for God he attended some religions that resulted in nothing. And her friend invited her to church and she went, found everything very joyful and it touched her heart, the transformation was total and she learned what God expected of her."
Lúcia Ribas
"She had hatred and resentment in her heart, and in return she began to cut herself and have feelings of guilt. Her mother helped her by leading her to practice God's love, she began to do the pdc and the prayer of our father. From then on God transformed her life and she is free from all resentment and the whole family is happy."
"He started fainting several times, his mother took him to witches and he just got worse. Then a family friend told him about Jesus and the attacks lessened but did not end. Shortly afterwards he was baptized and the attacks stopped."