In the Old Testament, priests separated themselves for a period of time from normal life, to consecrate themselves to God before each special event.

So are we too – before each special event such as the Faith Convention, Christmas Festival, etc., it is important that God’s servants prepare themselves by filling their hearts with the Word of God, having extra communion with God to be filled of the ANOINTING so that each event has a very strong presence of the Spirit.

To this end, the entire Leadership of the Maná Church must fill their hearts with these studies, to be FILLED with the ANOINTING:

– Lessons “How to Make the Church Grow”
– Book “What to Do After Praying”
– Lesson “Miracles in the Church”
– Audio “PDC XXL”
– Miracle Videos

All Leadership studies are available at Maná Global.

ACADEMY = Unencrypted material Aug23 》 Weekly instructions from the Apostle 》 2023 Leadership Special Preparation for Events
TRAINING CENTER = Training Center > Personal studies Training Center 》 Files 》 2023 Leadership Special Preparation for Events

All bishops and pastors have access to studies through the Academy,
and the rest have access to studies through the Training Center.

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