This year Faith Convention 2023 had the theme “Alway Growing” 
The band Guardiões da Arca were the opening act of this mega event, and with their Angolan rynthm, had everyone dancing.  

The special performances brighten up this grande event, having the presence of Perfect  bliss and Kuriakos Moçambique.
We watch the special performance  of the opening act that the story of the Maná Ministry along these past 39 years. 

The President and founder of the Maná Apostolo Ministry Jorge Tadeu already took the stage together with Team Kuriakos and his wife and in prayer dedicated the event first to God.

The word of God was given, warning the people that the biblical word was being fulfilled.
The Apostle introduced the explanation of the science of evil, an ideology of deception and the evil that we must combat.

We were commissioned to go further and win peoples of other languages ​​and sowing is a tool for this, everyone had the opportunity to sow in the house of God.

And we reached the end of the first day of celebration, with the certainty that today was the beginning of an ALWAYS GROWING week.

Key Words:

  • Science of Evil
  • Ideology of deception
  • metanoia


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