United Kingdom - Summary

Missionary Mike Tadeu was visiting the United Kingdom between the 22nd and 24th of March. The purpose of this visit was to bring a message about the fact that we were not born to suffer and that we have to be big to give a good testimony of Jesus Christ .

It started at the HEADQUARTERS in LONDON where on Friday and Saturday it brought together all the people of London, Bournemouth and Ipswich to hear the message that Mike Tadeu brought to bless us and we were ministered to in the divine healing area where many received their miracle.

Ending on a note of great excitement, the cities of Birmingham and Manchester now followed on Sunday. In the morning in Birmingham, not only locals were present, but people from various parts of central England, namely Nottingham, Stoke on Trent and Rugby. In the afternoon and heading a little further north, he was in Manchester where local members joined, but also from Leeds, Newcastle and even Scotland.

All these events had a lot of new people, salvations and several special numbers. The entire event was carried out with translation to integrate those who only speak English.

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