Youth Convention

This is the Youth Department’s biggest event, and the one that requires the most planning, because like the Maná Ministry’s Faith Convention, it involves great logistics, and a synergy of efforts between many departments and people, as soon as you start thinking on the theme, including publicizing the event, all the work that involves editing, design, production, the choice of presenters, preachers, bands, special numbers, programming, transmission, production, technicians, decoration, messages, scripts, activities, collaborators, between others…

At this event, everything has a  purpose , the theme is not chosen at random, nor are the messages. We follow the cloud, and the  anointing of the moment .
We are attentive to the needs of our young people, and we try to make each convention a historic milestone for them. It is an event that is held in all nations where we have the department implemented, and in some cases, in the various regions of the nation.

Review some Youth Conventions held here: