CF23 - Excursions

During this Faith Convetion we want  you to be present every day to hear God’s message for your life. In this sense and as usual, we will have buses at  Gare do Oriente to bring you and take you back, if you so wish, free of charge. 

The objective is to allow:
– as many people to attend this Convention
– as many days as possible;

Don’t miss this opportunity to be at this 2023 Faith Convention.

Gare do Oriente to Rua da Ribeirinha nº2 – Tojal
(and vice versa);

Date: 14/08/2023 a 19/08/23
Itinerary and times::
19:00pm – Gare Oriente/Tojal
20:00pm- Gare Oriente/Tojal
21:00pm – Gare Oriente/Tojal

23:30pm – Tojal/Gare Oriente
00:30am – 
Tojal/Gare Oriente
1:30am – 
Tojal/Gare Oriente

Date: 19/08/23 
Itinerary and times:

09:30am – Gare Oriente/Tojal
10:30am – Gare Oriente/Tojal

19:00pm – Tojal/Gare Oriente
20:00pm – 
Tojal/Gare Oriente

Hours are subject to change.

– Bus posts to be used at Gare do Oriente: 21 to 25
– Buses are free of charge;
– You can identify the bus through the Convention Logo or through the employees identified as Excursions;


Find out at your local church about the Excursions that will be organized at Regional level.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be at Maná Ministry’s biggest event.
Join us!