We are living in a very beautiful time in our church.
Many believers know God like a baby knows its mother, but they don’t really know God as He is.
We are learning what God likes and doesn’t like, what God tolerates and doesn’t tolerate.

This lesson aims to:

1-know God as He is;
2-root these truths in our hearts.

Matthew 7:21

From this verse we see that

1- only those who do God’s will enter heaven;
2-Not every believer will enter heaven;
3-Only those who do not commit iniquity enter heaven;

Many people will not enter heaven because they lived in iniquity.

The basis of revival is understanding that:

1-There are things that God does not tolerate – sins against God’s authority;
2 – things that God does tolerate – carnal sins;

We must then

1-stop doing what God does not tolerate;
2-tolerate what God tolerates;


Genesis 1:16

The original sin was wanting to be equal to God. Disobedience was only the consequence.
God does not tolerate anyone wanting to compare themselves to him.
The devil wanted to be equal to God. He became proud and decided that he didn’t need God.
To die is not to go to the coffin. To die is to be separated from God, not to receive eternal life.
There are people who make themselves a God.
We see a lot of this in humanity today and God doesn’t tolerate it.

Iniquity is:

-not dying to myself;
-not admitting that God is the supreme Lord;
-not admitting that He is in charge;
-not admitting that God knows everything;
-not admitting that God has every right to tell man what he is and what he is not;
-not accepting that God has every right to say what is true and what is a lie;

Human beings have to accept that they are not the center of the world.