The Word of God transforms the lives of all those who experience it and that’s why we believe that the same happened in your life.
When we share our testimony, that is, the good things that God has done in our lives, we are helping other people who may be going through the same to believe that God can also change their lives and we are above all bringing glory and honor to the name of God.

See here the testimonials we have received:

The last prayer I asked our Apostle was for a little girl who was born, had some complications and was on the verge of death. I said that this girl was going to live in Jesus name, Satan come out of her, it was a great miracle because she lived, she is beautiful and healthy. Glory be to God.
Yesterday I called SOS to ask for prayer for my grandson who had all the symptoms of Covid but tested negative today. Thanks be to God.
"The husband of a sister of our church in Angola had an attack of breathlessness, he was at death's door. When the church heard about it they prayed, and to everyone's amazement, he recovered the same day and was out of danger."
On examination, I was found to have a 5cm polyp in my stomach, heading towards cancer. I spoke to my Pastor who encouraged me not to give up and to trust God. In addition to the follow-up of the Pastoral Consultations, more than ever, I clung to the Book of Divine Healing and every day I meditated on it in the morning and at night, I remained faithful to God in my serving and in my tithes and offerings. Examination after examination, the polyp increased, everything was worse and surgery was scheduled. I did not conform and continued to fight for my cure. Already in the hospital, I continued to meditate on the Word of God and praise Him, because after all, God is with us in afflictions. I was operated on and at the end of the surgery, the doctor informed me that there would have been no need for that surgery because the polyp had shrunk drastically. Today, my stomach is clean and I thank God for my victory
"A few days ago I woke up with a lot of pain in my ear, I took medicine and the pain did not go away, then I listened to the divine healing audio of our apostle all morning, I fell asleep in the afternoon, and when I woke up, I no longer had any pain."
"I was having Covid symptoms, the first test was positive, I called SOS, the Apostle prayed I did the test again and to the honor of Jesus it was negative."
"Last week in the intercession part of the Family Group I asked to pray for my sister who was sick in the hospital. In the GF we spoke words of life and destroyed the power of negative words over her and they advised to make a prayer request in the Just Believe program and so I did. This week my sister is doing much better and is now at home. I thank God so much for that."
"Last week you had very swollen legs, but you could put your shoes on. While watching the program Just Believe, the Apostle called to prayer all the people who were in pain. She put her hand on the screen as the Apostle indicated and repeated after him. Sunday he went to church and he was still the same barely able to put his shoes on but as he had said the prayer he began to declare his healing. By Monday she was completely healed."
"I was always very afraid to go to the dentist. It was really dread. However, I needed to have a tooth extracted urgently. So I decided to send my prayer request to the Basta Crer program to ask that everything would work out and the apostle prayed for that prayer request and the next day I went to the dentist and I was calm and felt absolutely no pain."
"I was healed from my thyroid problem and diabetes."
"I was taking two kinds of pills, I went to the doctor and he told me to stop taking them because I was healed of thyroid and diabetes. Glory to God"
"You know a doctor who had a stroke and sent a prayer request to the program and you came out of the coma."
"Had been having menstrual pains for a long time and saw no improvement. She called her Family Group leader for help and was advised to watch Basta Crer and when the Apostle prays, put her hand on the screen and receive with faith. Yesterday she did so and today she called to say that she is feeling much better and she believes she is healed now. Honor and glory to Jesus."
"Your husband has diabetes and his diabetes levels were high. For a few days your husband went to the doctor and the levels of diabetes are no longer high and God is working in his health and he eats everything and feels very well."
"I asked for prayer for my friend Riclezia and her husband Wellington because he was hospitalized in the ICU, using oxygen with a catheter (they did a covid test and it was positive). Today I received the news that they are at home recovering, I sent her the book "There is power in your words" and every day we declared that they were healed in Jesus' name."
"Her brother suffered a stroke and the doctors said it was impossible for someone to suffer a stroke and not be left with sequelae. She says that she learned in the Manna ministry to intercede, so she began to intercede on behalf of her brother so that he would not have sequelae. The doctors began to do many tests to find out the sequelae, but when the final exam was done the doctor said that: if someone does not check the tests they will never say that he had a stroke. He didn't have any sequelae, thank God."
"Her 13 year old granddaughter had symptoms of the Covid'19 virus, she went to the hospital and the doctors prescribed several medicines and also ordered tests to test for the virus. Neusa went to the family group and with a photo of her granddaughter in her hands, she asked for prayer for her. Everyone in the Family Group prayed and declared healing over the girl's life. Days later the test result came out and to the honor and glory of God it was negative."
"Your friend had a malignant myoma in her belly and an eight centimeter cyst. The lady asked her friend to watch the program Basta Crer and to put her hand on the screen when the apostle was praying and she did so. When she returned to the doctor the malignant myoma had disappeared and the cyst had reduced from 8 centimeters to 2 centimeters, the doctor was confused and ordered repeat tests but everything was fine."
"He is grateful for the prayer that the Apostle made for his niece who was going to have a surgery for a malignant tumor. Today his niece is already at home. Glory to God"
"In his work in agriculture, he strained the fingers of his hand too much and ended up dislocating the bone of one of the fingers and so the finger swelled a lot. In one of the Basta Crerer programs, he received his healing and soon his finger started to swell."
"A mole appeared on her face. When she was watching Basta Crer and the Apostle asked people who had illnesses to put their hand on the screen, she believed and so she was healed from the sign."
"Around the age of 13 her parents realized that she was strange, she didn't eat, she didn't sleep, she didn't go to classes, she closed herself at home and cried every day, she tried suicide twice without success, she cut herself on her wrists and really wanted to die, her parents as they were worried took her to psychiatry, she was accompanied by several psychiatrists and psychologists but without any result, she took a lot of medication that put her to sleep for hours, she didn't eat and had nightmares and after a while she had huge relapses. Until one day she decided to accept Jesus and began to make pastoral consultations and so she won. Today she is different, she can smile and praise God for what he has done."
"She was a depressed young woman, she took a lot of medication and this medication prevented her from socializing with young people in a normal way. She isolated herself, spent a lot of time crying and finally could not sleep. And the moment she received Jesus, He set her free. It was a progressive healing, she was accompanied by the pastors, which helped a lot to win in this area and today she can say that she is healed and no longer takes any medication, she is a happy young woman and more than a winner."
"The father-in-law had a myocardial infarction and ended up in intensive care, at the end of the meeting he asked the pastor to pray for a handkerchief to take to intensive care, at the time the pastor was praying he completely lost consciousness. In a few minutes he came back to life and in 3 days he was out of danger and is already healed."
"I was getting to know a person and I asked Jesus for wisdom to know if he was the right person for me so that I would not waste my time with someone who did not respect my way of thinking and avoid unnecessary arguments. So before I went to meet the person I prayed Ephesians 6, Psalm 91 and 23 and the Lord's Prayer, I went to meet the person and we both found out that it was not worth it to continue talking for the purpose of a romance."
"When I converted I asked God to bless my sister with a baby, she had already tried to get pregnant but couldn't, tried worldly methods but it didn't work. But God heard my prayer and months later she told me she was pregnant, I praised God for what he had done in my sister's life. What doctors and the world can't do, God can do."
"Talking to his neighbors he noticed that they were sad because they had no grandchildren. One day when he saw his neighbors with their son/daughter he asked God to give them a grandchild, but at the same time he asked that it might be difficult because the couple's son/daughter had been married for more than 20 years. But God listened and gave her neighbors a grandchild and she herself gained 2 more grandchildren."
"She asked for prayer a few weeks ago for her sister's marriage, they are no longer talking about divorce. They are together."
"She wanted to have grandchildren in 2020, she took a calendar and made the 4th dimension, and a grandson and a granddaughter were born."
"He wanted to have grandchildren in 2020, took a calendar and made the 4th dimension, and a grandson and a granddaughter were born."
"One day, the Apostle and the Bishop were preaching about the family. In the meantime, they were talking about singles who wanted to get married. And a friend said to me, 'look, it's you'. And I said I didn't want to get married so that I could be free to serve God. Then the Apostle saw me laughing and said, "This sister who is laughing, stand up." I was ashamed and stood up. The Apostle said: "You will be very happy, God will give you a good husband". In the meantime, a few years have passed, I am here, married to a super wonderful man and I am really happy as I have never been in my life."
"I moved away from the church and was deluded that the world would bring me happiness. It was "good" for a while, I even got a boyfriend with whom I lived for 7 years and a son was born, but just as it has been taught about the family. That was all I experienced not good. Without changing a comma. Paths of drugs, of lies family in the middle, man who depended on the family to make all decisions. Anyway... Wrong choices. I went back to church. Gradually my life has been straightening out. The depression went away, panic attacks went away, the hatred I felt went away, the family that was disunited came back together. It has been a huge struggle. But with God I have overcome."
"I studied the word of God but I didn't understand and my husband made fun of me because he said I was stupid and I didn't get anywhere and I needed someone to guide me all the time. I was sad but it was really true until one day I went to talk to the pastor about this subject and she told me to have communion with God meditate on the word of God and pray Ephesians two three times a day for 1 month straight and then go talk to her again. Well, when I went to talk to her I went to tell her that Jesus helped me in my daily life even to help my husband with his things."
"She thanks God because on Tuesday she called to ask for prayer for her sister who lives in Angola and has 5 children, received Jesus recently and her marriage was on the verge of breaking. Then today she called to say that her husband is different, that the relationship is like when they were boyfriend and girlfriend."
"2 weeks ago he asked for prayer for his son who was having panic attacks because of the separation and his ex wife wouldn't let him talk to his daughter. This week he contacted his ex-wife and she already let him talk to his daughter."
"I separated from husband because he had alcohol addiction. I went into depression, because all the responsibility of taking care of the children, paying the rent fell on me. I was offended by my husband, because I was left alone in a country that is not mine, with all these problems. But now everything has changed, now I met Manna Church and my God is with me! I came out of depression. Now I am not worried about home. Now God comes first. I don't feel alone anymore because I have God!"
"2 years ago we presented to God a target of having more children because we already had a 9 year old son. During the church meetings we were guided by our leader to make the 4 dimension of the targets, a board with our dreams and take flight. Our desire was to have twin children so we took a picture of two children and made a poster for us to look at every day. During this period of waiting, we never stopped looking at Jesus, honoring him, sowing into our family target and declaring existence. And today, we are indeed pregnant. Thalita is pregnant with twins and it is something really tremendous. We see that even in the days of tribulation in the world, our targets must be alive and God works in our lives and so we can feel the difference of those who serve and those who do not serve God. We are very grateful to Him and our family is very happy for these blessings that are coming."
Pábalo e Thalita
"Since 2016 I wanted to have my second child, I was tormented by this situation every month I thought I was pregnant and suffered a lot when I realized that I was not, this issue became a nightmare for me. My mother suggested that I go for couple counseling, when I left that pastoral appointment that day I was transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, I felt the anointing falling on me. I went back to my normal life without thinking about it, I just complied with the pastor's guidelines, I started reading the verses and the story of Ana every day, I gave everything into the hands of the Lord and in December after Christmas I found out that I was pregnant and that I had been blessed."
"I come to thank God for my twin children. They were born at 6 months and the doctors said they would not live. But the Apostle prayed by garment and they are 5 years old today. We had to use the power of words."
"I am 66 years old and have no children. My wife is 56 years old. We have been married for 17 years and never had children in our marriage. Now by the grace of God, God has worked and she has become pregnant, she is already in the 3rd month of pregnancy."
F. Guilherme
"I am Vera I belong to the Regional of Braga, I am a business woman, in the pandemic my business closed, but knowing the Word of God I continued to sow and at this time I made a purpose, to sow extra for the Apostle's projects, it happened when I reopened I invoiced much higher than usual, God is faithful to His Word."
"Her daughter was having problems in her marriage, they were thinking about divorce. Maria João always watches Basta Crer. On Sunday during the program she praised and worshiped God and as soon as she finished the practice of the Prayer Clock that is being done in the program, her daughter called her to say that the situation was resolved and that everything is fine between her and her husband. there was reconciliation, thank God."
Maria João
"For a few years, I was looking for a woman to date and consequently get married, but time passed and I was not successful, but I did not waver, I wanted a woman from the church and according to my goals. When I least expected it, a beautiful woman and according to my targets, came to me and I did nothing to make it happen, and better is that I, too, am everything that Sara (my fiancée), wrote in her targets. In addition, a week later I was accepted in a job, for which I had sown a special offer, and which was also according to my targets, because I wanted to be close to home, and with a schedule that would always allow me to serve God. In conclusion, in a little over a week, God totally changed my life, I was literally "rocked" with mega blessings. God never fails, God is faithful, for Him nothing is impossible, thank you my God."
"I had great difficulties in getting pregnant and my husband and I were very sad. I have been a member of the Church for a long time, and one night when I watched Basta Crer, I sent my prayer request and the Apostle prayed together with the Bishop for my matter, he told me to put my hand on my belly and the following weeks every day I watched this part of the program on Youtube and it gave me more and more faith and today I have confirmation. I am pregnant! I want to thank God and the Apostle very much! God is very good and I am very happy" Amanda
"I was praying for God to solve the problem of the father of my children. Well, I am divorced and my ex-husband lived with a son, and also stayed with my daughter Flávia. And this daughter of mine took care of her father exhaustively with affection, taking him almost every week to the doctor. With the fertilization pregnancy, my daughter could no longer take care of her father. I made a request in Basta Crer for God to help us find a solution. While we waited for God's answer, I sowed in church and rested assured that God would solve the problem His way. So the Lord did. A vacancy appeared in a wonderful home to place the father of my children. Everything is resolved in peace, and we are all happy with God's direction. There was even a DISCOUNT for the first 3 months of this home where he is. It was tremendous. I am grateful to the LORD FOR HIM TO HAVE ACTED. Thank you."
"Every day I sleep with the church online and yesterday I woke up in the wee hours of the morning while the Apostle was speaking "the fact that we are believers does not mean we can be there sinning anyway". I was someone who was very fond of women and got involved with them and was sorry but would make the same mistake again with others. Then yesterday in one of those meetings the apostle touched on something that I felt was for me and it said this: "God does not forgive those who commit sin knowing that they are sinning" so that got into my heart and I am very repentant indeed, it is not easy but I know I will make it. Thank you"
"In the morning I hardly have time to do the pdc. But this morning I woke up with a different attitude and decided to have more communion with God. I confessed the word mainly in the air of God's love and protection, because where I work, I was suffering persecution, through a colleague. That same afternoon, she tried to assault me with false accusations, and at the same moment she looked at me and literally shook her head, and ended up leaving. I immediately thought: that was the demon manifesting. The demons could not stand the presence of God."
"In college my professor told me that he was worried because one of his employees was wrongly accused and that the next morning he would be tried, and he was also worried about the visa he did not receive, I told him about God and prayed with him. The next day he called me happy because the trial did not happen and the employee was released because the accusers did not show up so they lost the case, and he received the call from the embassy saying that he already had the visa. To the honor of our God in less than 24 hours God solved the 2 problems."
"He made a prayer request yesterday for his brother, as he had to take a driving test in England. Today he sent a message to thank you because his brother passed the exam. Glory to God Hallelujah."
"I want to thank you because since you opened these new programs I have been sleeping like a real queen and my husband also sleeps very well. We are well connected to the vine."
"He has been attending the program daily. Her son was having problems, with anxiety attacks, vomiting, etc... But she went to read Psalms 91 and prayed and used the Authority that is in the name of Jesus and her son got better."
"She had been fighting her thoughts for weeks, as if they were entering her mind without permission. While the apostle was praying, he put one hand on the monitor and the other on his head. When the program ended, he felt something wonderful, a warmth he hadn't felt in a while and a tingling in his head. He immediately felt a sense of well-being, and the whirlwind of thoughts disappeared."
"I want to thank you that my partner and I are accompanied by a Pastor. The blessing is really the food. Because we received the Pastor, and he brought us help in food and 2 wonderful books. My partner every day wakes up early and reads without stopping and at bedtime he also reads out loud and feels difference that like me is deliverance and spiritual anointing. Thank you Pastor for your blessed presence in our home."
Paula e Eduardao
"He asked for help to get closer to God because he is involved with drugs and has problems with alcohol. He is being accompanied and is very happy with the Apostle's program, he has been watching the program every day and since then he has not consumed drugs or alcohol anymore. Yesterday he received a job offer. Today he has already told the co-pastor that when the church opens, he will be there to praise God for what He has done in his life."
"Two years ago, me and two girls on the beach, we were drowning and I shouted the name of Jesus and suddenly it was like a hand that pushed up."
"He asked for prayer for the release of documents. And after a week he received his son's passport and birth certificate."
"It is raining a lot in Madeira and the sister prayed not to lose the TV signal, it happened that she is not getting any signal, she can only see the Kuriakos channel. She really appreciates the program"
"She always had the dream of being able to attend the Faith Convention every day, but she never could. So he set it as a target and at last year's convention God gave him all the conditions so that he could attend convention from start to finish. Today he serves God on time and off time."
"I was pregnant and needed to travel to Zambia due to work. The pandemic was starting, which led to the airports closing and preventing her from returning to Portugal. She did not accept the situation and started to declare what she wanted to pick. A single flight came up, with a stopover in Germany. She bought an economy class ticket but was eventually upgraded to first class. She is grateful and praises God for the victory."
"I had situations regarding finances and documents tied up. I thought if God is my source then I will always live by his methods and practice. I then decided to make a promise of faith committing myself to God by increasing the amount of my tithe. The following week I had my documents cleared and all my finances as well. God is faithful, he does not fail and his word does not return void. It pays to live the way God says."
"In March 2020 I was persecuted at work, and with a disciplinary process, with many false accusations to get me fired. I was in a furnace of burning fire, I had no other solution than the Word of God and the teachings of the Apostle, in this case the CD Attitudes, and I overcame the devil. I am still in the business to this day. A good morning with Jesus, everything is a piece of cake".
"Hello manna family I come to thank God because my son is being delivered, he already likes to read the Bible before bed, he is no longer going out with his friends.... Every day I watch the program and I am also being blessed and delivered."
"At the gf we prayed and agreed in the group that my daughter's national exam would go well. On the day of the exam she cried because it had gone so badly for her. I kept thanking God for her grade, and glory God, the grades came out and she passed. I send this message to exhort our God who is more than mighty. All honor and glory to Him. Amen"
"She asked for prayer for her documents and already has them in hand. She decided to give her testimony in gratitude to God and to tell those who are having this problem, Trust in God. He will solve it."
"Inside my house there was no peace one day I asked the pastor to consecrate my house for a family group from that day on I started to feel more peace from the moment the family group opened I feel enormous joy inside my house with my husband my son was away from me and my house now he started to come and even came to church. God is very good."
"I was working, while listening to the songs of our church. Suddenly I was approached by a man (surgeon doctor), who came from far to visit our neighbor who is a dentist. He told me that he came to take advice from the dentist about a complicated operation. He was very worried because if the operation does not work, the girl could have very serious consequences. While he was counseling, he heard the songs I was listening to and came to talk to me and told me that when he heard the music, he felt a strength. He said he couldn't leave without having those songs so he could listen to them. I passed him the songs and also gave him the page of our church and the church online. Before she left, she gave me some money to give to the singer but we know that those finances belong to the Lord. What I want to say is that God has no limits and He always finds a way to speak to people. He brought this gentleman from very far and revealed Himself to him through the anointing of our songs, which he heard "by chance"."
"He walked in paths of witchcraft, tarot, he walked in terreiros of candomblê, and battle after battle he came to Portugal, and in his search for God he attended some religions that resulted in nothing. And her friend invited her to church and she went, found everything very joyful and it touched her heart, the transformation was total and she learned what God expected of her."
Lúcia Ribas
"She had hatred and resentment in her heart, and in return she began to cut herself and have feelings of guilt. Her mother helped her by leading her to practice God's love, she began to do the pdc and the prayer of our father. From then on God transformed her life and she is free from all resentment and the whole family is happy."
"He started fainting several times, his mother took him to witches and he just got worse. Then a family friend told him about Jesus and the attacks lessened but did not end. Shortly afterwards he was baptized and the attacks stopped."
"My sister yesterday put her hand on the screen, when the apostle said that there is someone who at midnight feels stings in the body, my sister was totally freed from these stings in the body."
"She was once a spiritist, she had depression, she was in a life of torment, scared, but Jesus set her free, she was baptized and today she has Jesus in her heart."
Maria Teresa
"Hello I am Maria from the church of amarante and I come to give a testimony. I could not sleep or have peace in my house. One day at church I bought the book origins of problems when I read I did not want to believe what I was reading about the images. I thought all this time I was deceived and I thought I was reading wrong. One day I talked to the pastor and she said that God was not deceived and that what he said was true, so I decided to take everything off as the pastor said and now in my house I am better and I can sleep well."
"Hello I am Maria from the church of amarante and I come to give a testimony. I could not sleep or have peace in my house. One day at church I bought the book origins of problems when I read I did not want to believe what I was reading about the images. I thought all this time I was deceived and I thought I was reading wrong. One day I talked to the pastor and she said that God was not deceived and that what he said was true, so I decided to take everything off as the pastor said and now in my house I am better and I can sleep well."
"Since I was a child I was raised with my mother who was into spiritism. She spoke with strange voices of people who had died, it was horrible for the whole family because there was no peace. My sister died pregnant at the age of 19. And my mother would transform, and speak with her voice. When I was 33 years old I was told about Jesus and I learned that I had been deceived, I was rescued from this curse and today I have my whole family serving God and I will be eternally grateful to God."
"A family was being attacked with witchcraft, they could not sleep. The 9-year-old daughter was hearing voices, she saw a person calling her to jump out of the window, suddenly she started crying, and said she wanted to leave the house. While watching the program BASTA CRER, she heard about attacks of spiritism and witchcraft, she received prayer, and right away the Holy Spirit, led the girl to find pictures at home of idolatry. She called the Bishop of the church, they broke every witchcraft pact and that same night everyone slept and the girl already says that Jesus freed her."
"There was a night that I stayed with my aunt, my sister and my brother at home alone at night. My brother was in his room and we were in the living room, suddenly my brother said he heard noise in my room so my aunt went up to the room and we prayed in tongues. We realized there was a demon in the house because we felt creepy. We decided to continue praying in tongues. The next night the same thing happened but, it was just me and my brother in the room playing, the light started turning on by itself and the door was slamming. So we decided to pray in tongues and praise God. Since then nothing has happened. I thank God because my house is free."
"Yesterday around 10:30 pm I was me, my husband and my two children crossing the bridge and suddenly my husband stops the car because he said he saw a man running towards us, we were very scared and I rebuked that demon and he disappeared. When I got home I told my mother and she told me that she was watching the program and at the moment the Apostle was praying to cast out evil spirits she put her hand on the screen and received. And I know that's what set us free at that very moment."
"She was standing outside the house with her sister. And a young man appeared and they decided to talk to him about Jesus. The young man explained that he doesn't believe in any of that and that he was a Satanist and he showed them the tattoo on his twin that was the symbol of the devil and he also had one on his forehead of the sign of the beast "666" . They had to tell him that this is evil because it is involvement with satan, he said that it was really the purpose because he follows satan and that satan is more powerful than God. They tried to explain to him that God was more powerful who has done many miracles in her life and in the end they called for the blood of Jesus. As soon as they did that he walked away and said "I see I can't get anything from you" and walked away and disappeared..."
"My friend who is establishing herself in the church started having health problems and fainting all the time with no logical explanation from the doctors. Her condition got so bad that she had to stay in hospital. She talked to me about the situation and after the conversation we had I found out that some years ago she was involved in occult and witchcraft things and never broke those pacts. I called her, took her to prayer, broke everything in Jesus name and invoked the protection of God and blood of Jesus over her life. At this moment she felt great heat in her chest and started crying. Suddenly she got better, and after tests that doctors did already the next day she left the hospital."
"I live in Uzbekistan. I had a lot of pain in my legs which caused me great difficulties in life. My sisters serve God in the Russian Manna Church in Lisbon and knowing my problem, they signed me up for a pastoral consultation via Skype. During the consultation the Pastor explained to me the Word of God, told me about Jesus and showed me from the Bible what I did wrong. I was offended by my friend and also once went to a witch for advice. The Pastor led me in prayer to forgive and ask God for forgiveness because God forbids walking in the ways of the occult. Then he asked me to put my hand on the screen and prayed for me. At that moment I started to feel warmth and the pains disappeared. Now I am healed. Glory be to God. I advise everyone who has problems to come for a pastoral consultation."
"Her husband's relative in Germany had epileptic seizures. She was on medication but it did not help. Maria and her husband decided to go and live with her and help. They were distressed because during the seizures they could not help to prevent her from hurting herself. A neighbor came and evangelized them and encouraged them to go to church, so they decided to go but the lady did not want to go and when they managed to take her, they arrived at the church and she refused to enter and then entered, for a year it was always like that, every Sunday, even against her she went. During this year and a half the seizures were decreasing severely. until one day she stopped having seizures. She was completely healed and continued to be healed until God came for her."
"It has been a week since I received deliverance for my 11 year old daughter. It has not been easy. But to the glory of our God, the manifestations have been less recurrent and I believe that soon the devil will be cast out for good."
"I was involved with the occult for 12 years, I started doing Reiki and going to parapsychology and other practices, my life was a mess, without money I lost my wife, my health was terrible, until they told me about the only solution JESUS and I made a decision I went to church and gave my life to him, gradually He was blessing and today I am free, healed and saved."
"Two sisters, one in Kwanza-sul and the other in Luanda (Angolan provinces), had their wombs sold in witchcraft, the first was totally freed via telephone and the second was in person at one of our meetings."
"Today at my work my 90 year old client accepted Jesus after seeing a part of the movie of Jesus and Nicodemus. To the honor and glory of Jesus Christ."
"Men of the secret entered the first meeting of the reopening of the church after confinement, in the province of Moxico. They attended the meeting from beginning to end. At the end they gave their lives to Jesus and left the church rejoicing for the touch of God."
"A friend of mine in this time of isolation gave her life to Jesus."
"In the church of Castelo de Paiva, we have a 13-year-old girl, daughter of separated parents. Her mother is a believer, and whenever she was with her mother, she came to church and learned the Word. She said that she would like her father to go to church too, with his wife. For 2 years she didn't see anything, but she kept praying and had faith that it would happen. Until she started going to the family group and all the meetings, regardless of whether she was with her mother or father. After 2 years, the family gave their lives to Jesus, and they all attend church. God is very good."
"A young man who was a believer and knew God moved away from the church and the word because of a girlfriend who was not a believer to whom he left his country and came alone to Portugal the relationship went very badly the young man was assaulted by the same until he could no longer stand it and separated and without anyone in Portugal only even his boss only thought about killing himself one day. he was determined to put an end to life passed in front of the church saw the number called for help went to a counseling and began to attend church and be faithful in the church and was listening to the word of God after 15 days of being in the church his boss gave him a house for him to live all furnished with appliances and everything to pay a super low rent. The young man today has a family group in his house and has returned to the joy of living and has a huge desire to serve God."
"I am a pastor of the church of Jesus Mary - Argentina. On Friday we received a lady for the first time in the church. She told us that she started watching the meetings on TV during the pandemic and said she had a real encounter with God. She was a person who lived very badly, especially in the financial area, but while watching on television, she made the decision to start honoring God and practicing what she heard. From that time, she said she started receiving help from various people and was blessed like never before and saw that it could only be God. On Friday she went to church, received Jesus and went to thank God for all that God had done in her life as she said she was tired of living and now she was happy to have found it."
"I have a niece who is here in Portugal, I sent her the website of our Online Church of Dafundo, in a meeting of Lutar até vencer, she attended, liked it, prayed the prayer of salvation, and told me when I go to Cacém to buy her a Bible. All for the honor and glory of God."
"A young man entered the church in Saurimo PROVINCE of Lunda Sul, without invitation and at the end he gave his life to Jesus. He also said that he had asked God for help because he wanted to change his life and ended up in the church and didn't even know how. He also said that he wanted to serve God in our church. God is very good."
"I have a cousin who came to live with me, and he never wanted to know about the church. We couldn't even talk because he wouldn't accept it. Now he has been living with me for a month. And I see basta believe every day since it started, and today for the honor and glory of the Lord JESUS, he is the one who tells me to open the TV, because he has a respect for the apostle. says he had never seen a man speak like the apostle."
"I am a family group leader, and I was a little discouraged because I was not having salvations and I am young and I did not have young people in the family group and I was sad about it, until in a meeting I heard my pastor say to make purposes with God, and I from that meeting every day in my PDC I asked God to use me to evangelize and I refused to spend a day without talking about Jesus to someone and I put in my heart the desire to win more young people for Jesus. And with that every day I spoke of Jesus, people and young people came to me to talk about their problems and to vent and I gave them the word of salvation and when I realized my family group was always full with presences and with salvations for the honor and glory of JESUS."
"She and her family have been part of the Manna Church for 3 weeks now. They have a family group at home. Recently, following the guidance of their Pastors and Leaders, they purchased some Books of the Apostle. Whenever she can she follows the program, even at work she and her friend always listen. They have been feeding themselves daily with the Word and have already noticed, in this first month, a huge change in their spiritual, financial and family life. The Lord has been their priority. Give Him all the honor and glory."
"He is a 19-year-old young man who at the beginning of the year was left without a place to live due to family problems. A sister from the church gave him a house and food and brought him to the church where he gave his life to Jesus. He suffered from epileptic seizures every week and could not find work. He was accompanied in Pastoral Consultations, always faithful to the GF and to the meetings of Lutar até Vencer and Encontro com Deus. Today he has a job and since he gave his life to Jesus he has never had an epileptic seizure."
"I am from the church of São Paulo in Angola, my friend was going through a process of separation from her parents, she asked me to pray and I did, but I also advised her to read the book Origin of problems and to see the programs Praise and Worship and Just believe. I made a prayer request to SOS on Saturday. And on Sunday after the meeting my friend called me to say that, her parents would no longer be separated and started going to church and watching the programs. All glory and honor to God"
"I am happy because my sister has reconciled with God. She decided to start attending the church in Guarda. And today she took the test and she is a baby! So much joy together!!! It fills the heart to see a life restored! God is wonderful! High refuge! Joy of the whole earth!"
"On Friday I invited a person to come to church with me. At the end of the meeting he said the Salvation prayer. At that moment he had 2 lumps: one on his chest and one on his back. On Sunday we went to church again and at the time of ministering he went to the altar to ask for prayer and Bishop Miguel prayed for him and he received his healing. We went for lunch and that is when he noticed that the lumps were gone, to the glory of God. And today he went for a job interview and tomorrow he will start working with room to live. It is a privilege to take care of the New converts who are God's greatest wealth."
"When she received Jesus she had a life that in the eyes of the world had no way out, she was using drugs, drinking. But someone told her about Jesus and she followed, she received Jesus. Today she is able to help those people who said she had no future, today they come to her and know that if she prays things will happen."
"She walked on bad paths, got involved in failed relationships, did not want to study, was on drugs and left home, her financial life was failed. He met Jesus through his family, since he met Jesus he feels better, he feels happy and follows his life as it should be!"
"She was a Muslim, she believed in Mohammed, until she was told about Jesus. She was offered a bible and she read it and made comparisons and began to know God through the bible She was a very enslaved person, suffered violence, tried suicide twice. But Jesus freed her and she believes that Jesus is really the way, the truth and the life."
"Before receiving Jesus he was on the path of drugs, spending all his money on his addictions Until one day his friend invited him to a Cape Verdean party, when he entered he realized that it was a church. During the praise the Holy Spirit convinced him and he received Jesus as Lord and Savior, was freed and now already serves God, his family is now united."
"Her family was involved with the occult, she desired death, her life was horrible, she had many eating disorders. Until a friend told her about Jesus and gave her the church website, that night she attended the Fight to Win meeting and she wished she had this Jesus that night she slept well, her life from that night on was never the same!"
"I was on bad roads, drugs and alcohol. One day a colleague told her about Jesus and once she decided to go to church and accepted Jesus as her savior. When she was about to start her courses, she went off the rails again and fell into the devil's trap. But one night he felt sick and contacted the pastor again and decided to go back to church, he was freed from addictions, today he serves God and is building his family ".
I would like to tell you about my testimony in my financial life. A while ago I was distressed because I had a very large debt that I did not know how to pay. I decided to sow in the house of God and fill my heart with faith. While waiting I praised God and thanked Him for the miracle. I don't know how God did it, but the debt dried up. I no longer had to pay anything and today I am financially free. Glory be to God
Rita Costa
A few months ago I only had 5€ in my wallet that would give at least a carton of milk for my son. I was on my way to a place, but a person got off the train and asked me for some coins to eat. But I told him to wait a bit, and in a moment I spoke to God to know if I should give him the note instead of the coins. God said to give him the note. And I said I trust you and I know you will use someone to provide the food for my baby . The next day they came to my house to deliver two bags of milk for my son . How faithful God is
Ana Paula
When the pandemic started, I heard rumors of downsizing and layoffs at my job. I continued to sow and honor God with my tithes, believing that God blesses the work of my hands. Today I received the news that I WILL NOT BE Fired but will still be INCREASED in the coming days. Practice God's law because it works!
Viviana Gaitán
They told us at work that they were going to reduce salaries and only pay according to what came into the company. I did not accept these words and decided to fill myself with the Promises of God about finances. I listened to the "laws of prosperity" audios, read the book "about finances" and "redeemed from the curse" and also continued to sow... This week I received my salary and apart from receiving the full amount, I still received more extras. Keep holding on to God's promises!
Agustina López
When the quarantine started, my husband and I stopped working. My husband's boss called him and told him that they were in a difficult situation and that they could not pay him his full salary, they were only going to give him half the amount he normally received or not even that... I also only worked half the month and so I was going to receive half the salary as well. My husband said that we would not stop sowing... we would continue sowing because God would supply our needs and so we did... At the end of the month, when we went to the bank, we found in the account the total amount of my husband's salary and the total amount of my salary as if I had worked all month. God is faithful when we fulfill his Word.
Belén Herrera
My husband became unemployed and so we had less money coming into the house. But we always continued to sow and give our tithes, believing in God and practicing the Word. In the midst of all this, we decided to open a bakery and pastry business... We have been selling like never before, we do not lack anything and we always have a full pantry. Trust in God because He never fails!
Cintia Antonicelli
With this quarantine, the devil began to put doubts in our minds and I decided to continue sowing to reap. We have a family micro-enterprise selling clothes and what we have seen is that sales have tripled in this time. Apart from the financial blessing, my family has also become more united, seeing all that God is giving us. In times of need, we will live in times of plenty.
My husband and I were looking for a house to rent. I sought God's direction and asked for His will to be done and we sowed into the project. We went to see a house and we liked it very much. When I went to the ATM to withdraw the money to give to the landlord as a down payment, I noticed that there was more money in the account than I had before...also in my purse there was more money than I had counted the day before, to add to the one I raised... I realized that God was showing me that this was really his will for my family but it didn't stop there... When I went to pay the down payment, the owner told us that we didn't have to pay electricity or the rent until June. It was many blessings together... We found a house in the place we wanted and close to the church.
Sheila Warner
In this time, I see that many are going through difficult times but in my family we trust God and continue to give our tithes and offerings. In the middle of the pandemic, God opened a door for me to a new business. The sales do not stop and I have no hands to measure. My husband continues to be very busy and has never stopped working! God is transferring wealth!