The second day of Faith Convention Angola 2018 began, together with the praise group the people entered into the presence of God.
After the praise to God we had two special moments with the dance group – Lunda Sul and a super choir that filled the temple with the song “Oh come and let us worship“.
The special numbers continued on this 2nd day with Banda Kk Angola who chose the song “Me Escolheram Só” to present God on this day, along with Banda Guardiões da Arca who sang the theme “Fui Escolhido” from their new album.

Soon after the special themes Team kuriakos filled the temple with their energy and songs known to all.
Apostle Jorge Tadeu continued to give God’s message on this 2nd day of the Faith Convention in Angola.
In the end many went to receive the greatest miracle of all Salvation, because all have sinned are separated from God, salvation does not come by works but by believing in Jesus.
This is how we ended the second day of the Angola Faith Convention 2018.

Crusade – Saturday 01 Dec18 – 16H00
Address: Avenida Pedro de Castro Vandunem ‘Loy’ Next to ANGOMART Supermarket

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