The first day of the Angola Faith Convention 2018 began with joyful praises, which the KK Angola praise group, started this great convention.
The youth group toasted all the people and the Apostle with a theatre piece, which portrayed the creation of the world, and how it all began.
Team Kuriakos blessed us with joyful praises and well-known songs, where all the people participated praising God!
Then we could worship God and show all our dedication, love and respect to God for what he has done in Angola and is doing in this Convention.
Apostle Jorge Tadeu took the stage to the joy and excitement of all the people of God, much joy and satisfaction were on everyone’s face.
The message of God was given by the mouth of our Apostle and the power of God was ministered to all on this first day of convention!
This is how we ended the first day of the Angola Faith Convention 2018.

Crusade – Friday 30 Nov18 – 19H00
Address: Avenida Pedro de Castro Vandunem ‘Loy’ Next to ANGOMART Supermarket

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