Faith is a force that seeks out what already exists.

But in order to use this power, we have to:

1st – fill our hearts with faith by listening and hearing the word of God;

2nd – release faith by speaking and acting.

Faith is released by speaking and acting – James 1:22

It is not enough to know or hear what God says. We need to put God’s word into practice – Matthew 7:24-25

Joshua 1:8

Be diligent to do, or in other words:


This is the essence of the Faith that overcomes the world.

We have to think like God thinks. It means exchanging our ideas for God’s ideas.

Faith comes out to “work” in our favour when we speak.

We have to get used to speaking the way God speaks.

The more we get used to thinking and speaking like that, the more successful we will be.

The more we are filled with God’s word, the easier it will be to speak as God speaks.

Our life today is the result of how we have been speaking.

We have to release our faith by speaking what God speaks about:


Jesus’ examples:

He told Lazarus what he wanted to reap – John 11:11-14, 43 and 44
He spoke to Jairus’ daughter – Mark 5:22,23, 35 and 36

Faith is already there, but if we do not act, if we do not switch on the faith button, nothing will happen.

In order to act, we need to learn to live God’s way.

Faith is acting on God’s word, it is doing what God says to do.

Jesus’ examples:

  • Multiplication of loaves and fishes – Luke 9:12-15
  • Miracle of turning water into wine – John 2:3-7

Faith is doing what God says, whether you understand it or not.


God created everything from scratch, in other words, God has the power to create things out of nothing.

As we were created in the image and likeness of God, we also have this same power.

When a person gives their life to Jesus, they gain access to this supernatural power.

John 14:12

Jesus = man plus the Holy Spirit.

God’s will is for us to copy Jesus.

God is 3 people with specific tasks:

-God the Father= is the leader, does the projects;

-God the Son = provides the building material, the words;

-God the Holy Spirit = contractor, builder;

God’s children must use this power.

But it is not enough to speak, you have to visualise.

The power of images is gigantic.

God will never enter into a wrong image. You have to “paint” the right / good image in your heart.

When a person comes to ask for prayer, they have to have the right image.

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